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Внешняя звуковая карта Phonic FireFly 302 USB

Phonic FireFly 302 USB фото
— бренд: Phonic (Фоник)
— модель: FireFly 302 USB
— внешняя звуковая карта
— интерфейс USB
— ASIO v. 2.0
— ЦАП 24 бит / 192 кГц
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул SB-741

В качестве бонуса:
  • Драйвер firefly-302-usb_windows10_x64.zip
  • Инструкция по эксплуатации manual-phonicfirefly-302-usb-1-30.exe

Установка и настройка Phonic FireFly 302 USB

Behringer TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC100 Review
Despite the lack of reviews, I decided to purchase this item because of cost and functionality and my need for a "signal boost" for my bass guitar's signal. I want to help anyone else make an informed decision so here's my honest review:
(recorded with a Phonic Firefly 302 USB, Behringer C-1 Mic, Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Rogue LX200B Bass...and let's not forget the Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic 100)

Awesome...this thing looks good...feels durable and rugged. I was confident in this thing from the second I took it out of the box.

Plug and play...couldn't be more simple. Mic and line in...mic and line out. Comes with a power supply so you don't eat batteries all the time (very nice). Plugged it up, watched the tube warm up...began using it.

Works like it says it should. Has the ability to add 26db to 60db of gain. Supposedly works as a direct box, but that's not what I bought it for so I haven't tried using it for that (or maybe I have and just...yeah...maybe that's all it is, except it has the ability to add gain?) ANYWAYS. It also has an output knob which goes from "infinty" (nothing) to +10db...helps you customizer the exact volume you want coming out. Very nice.
This also has a 20db PAD in case your signal coming in is a "high output" source (nice for experimenting...like cranking up the gain to full +60db where it normally clips and gets distortion? With the 20db PAd it makes it just nice and FAT with a mild bit of grit...and if you're saying, "Why don't you just turn the gain to +40db since there's a 20db PAD?" You'd have to hear it to know the difference.). Also has phantom power (+48V) in case you don't have phantom power, phase reverse, and a limiter (I DO NOT like the limiter. It works well, but there are no controls to adjust how much limiting and it tends to overly "squish" the signal).

EXCELLENT. For $30, this thing is AWESOME...does EXACTLY what I bought it to do. Are there better tube preamps out there? I'm 100% positive. Are there any this good for this price? YOU GO FIND OUT...I've got what I need...I"M DONE

I think the review sums it up. If you are thinking about getting something to fatten up your tones for digital recording or you need to boost the signal of you mic or your guitar/bass (whatever instrument)?? If you want to add some tube gain on the front end of your amp? If you want more volume? If you need phantom power? If you want a more "tube"-ish sound? I f you want any of these thins and don't want to spend more than $40 ($30 for the MIC100 and $5 for standard shipping), THIS IS FOR YOU. I was torn between an ART and this Behringer Tube Mic Preamp. They were the same price...and had the same features. I read the reviews on Musician's Friend and a guy who owns BOTH said he prefers the Behringer. It may have been a lie? But I went with the Behringer, also, and I am VERY happy I did.That is the problem of my unit.Phonic FireFly 808 Universal DEMO
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